“Daddy, you’re smiling!”

I'm certainly not work-shy and I love what I do, but looking into my daughters eyes and hearing her gasp with surprise at my fleeting show of happiness made me really question my work-life balance!

For as long as I can remember I've either been working for or partnering with big consumer brands, helping them to creatively market themselves and engage with their customers both on and offline. Most recently building a successful multi-million pound advertising agency in the UK specialising in customer brand engagement in the sports, fitness and retail sectors.

But something had to change!

Using my marketing and branding experience we looked to create an innovative online platform that would convert the knowledge and experience of a fit pro into a product they could sell and automatically deliver as easily to a client in the next village as to a client in the next country. We wanted to create a platform that would enable a fit pro to easily develop an ongoing residual income that would make a real difference and give them that all-important choice for a better work-life balance.

GetPTfit was borne.

Chris Mitchell

Why GetPTfit?

Our core purpose is to passionately inspire, guide and motivate the global FitPro community to help them achieve business success and an enviable work-life balance.

We do this by providing affordable, quality marketing tools for fit pros to create, sell and automate the delivery of their fitness packages to re-energise their business.

Together, we are exceptional.

Chris MitchellAbout Chris

Until GetPTfit, Chris was Managing Director of a successful marketing and communications agency and has over 20 years of experience helping big brands effectively communicate and engage with their customers. He has worked with brands such as Asics, Speedo, Radley, Onitsuka Tiger, Warburtons and Fujifilm. A digital communications specialist, Chris helps brands navigate the constantly evolving digital world and realise their online potential.

Steve TimmisAbout Steve

Until GetPTfit, Steve headed up development and digital innovation at Chris' marketing and communications agency. He has over 10 years experience of understanding the needs of clients and their target audiences; providing bespoke digital solutions for brands such as Bravissimo and Warburtons and working in the music industry on digital campaigns for bands and artists signed to Warner Music, Sony and Infectious Music.

Paula MitchellAbout Paula

Until GetPTfit Paula spent 18 years as a Science Teacher and Senior Manager in various schools both in the UK and Australia. She worked hard to raise students' self esteem and expectations of themselves through effective support and monitoring, incorporating target setting as an important element.