Keep your business booming, whatever the weather.


Client loyalty is fabulous but can be short lived in a country with dark nights and potential wind, rain, hail and snow for 8 months of the year.

Perhaps it’s time you stopped running individual bootcamp sessions and started a fitness program. By creating a complete fitness package with a holistic approach to health and wellness you can create your own community of clients working together with a common goal.

By changing your business model from one where you are paid per bootcamp session to being paid for complete packages, including sessions, you can dramatically increase your income with relatively small time expense. Essentially your tribe will be motivated to continue their fitness journey with you as they know that you can guarantee results.

A typical fitness package consists of basic stretches and exercises and nutritional advice with recipes, complimented by educational articles and regular motivational messages. They can be levelled so each class member gets the right content for their stage and with automated delivery, your clients will be working with you between classes.

Simply create once and sell over and over again.

Fitness Packages

Make a real difference.

One hour a week can’t undo 167 hours of poor health choices.

By taking this holistic approach you have the ability to make a real and lasting difference to your clients’ lives. Tackling essential issues such as diet, motivation and habit forming behaviours will not only complement but actually enhance the bootcamps you lead. Having all the information they need delivered directly, will keep your clients focused on their goals and help them make healthy choices between sessions.

Fitness Packages

It’s good to be different.

Standing out from the crowd will help you attract enthusiastic clients who want to achieve.

Creating a community feel with not only empower the individuals that attend your bootcamps but also give you some credibility within the wider community. Have you considered, rather than a 6 week package creating a 6 week challenge? This could culminate in an event which all your tribe could participate in and even raise much needed funds for a local charity. Whether you organise an event yourself or join a commercially organised run, tough mudder or obstacle course the end goal is in sight throughout the challenge. Research is consistently proving that people who are training for an event are more successful and stick at it longer than people who simply want to lose weight.

Fitness Packages

Attract new clients.

By giving more than expected you will become a conversation point and there’s no better publicity.

Invariably you will lose some clients along the way but when you are selling complete packages which give clear and measurable results, there will be a queue of new clients just waiting to sign up. Encourage and motivate your tribe to achieve their goals and their successes will ensure your referrals increase exponentially.

Fitness Packages

Generate additional income.

Being paid by the class put a ceiling on your potential earning.

There are only so many places in each class and a limited number of sessions in the week. However, when you are giving your clients so much more than individual bootcamps, they can be reasonably expected to pay more and still get exceptional value for money. Selling packages also prevents the inevitable unpredictability of pay as you go classes. Paying up front ensures that your wages are covered regardless of the weather. It is also a very big motivator for your clients to show up.

Fitness Packages

Add value to your services.

Make sure everyone can feel the value.

It can be difficult to explain why it is essential for you to charge termly, especially when individuals know in advance that they can not attend certain sessions. By charging, not for the classes, but for the entire package this awkward conversation is avoided. Even if they can’t attend sessions they will still be receiving regular messages, articles and support. All the content is available for a week after the course is completed, leaving your tribe hungry to start the next phase of their fitness journey.

Fitness Packages

Save yourself time.

We have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading FitPros to write content so you don’t have to.

Whether you use the free library or pay for specialist bundles, creating your packages from our resources couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to be an expert in every field or spend hours researching an individual client’s special requirements on the internet. Simply start with your fitness plan then add what additional content you would like to be delivered each day. Done! Each package can then be reused as is or edited multiple times.

Discover how it works.

GetPTfit is simply the best way for your bootcamp to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of your client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.

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