Create Fitness Packages

Create your fitness packages in just a few simple steps....

Identify your target audience, name your package, set its duration, then simply add existing workouts, meal plans, recipes, inspiring articles and messages to each day within the package - it's that easy.

The possibilities are endless; fat loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, pre-season training, pre/post-natal care, general wellness, sport event preparation to name just a few.



Easy to use.

GetPTfit is simply the best way for FitPros to create fitness packages. Our members have access to easy-to-use admin tools, developed by experts in user experience and content management.

Start by creating your own exercises, workouts, recipes, articles and messages or by downloading ready-to-use content from our free library. Then create a package by setting its duration and adding your content to each day. Finish by listing your package in your online store or delivering it to existing clients. It really is that simple.

Library Content

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Free library of content.

Included is a free library of exercises, recipes and inspiring articles, created by industry professionals, for you to use. Each exercise includes supporting videos and images and each recipe includes macro per serving information. We're regularly adding new content and if you're looking for something specific simply get in touch.

Library Content



Buy additional recipes, articles, packages and more.

We've partnered with leading fitness, nutrition, wellbeing copywriting and marketing experts who have supplied professional content which you can use to quickly create engaging fitness packages and help your clients reach their goals. You only purchase each 'bundle' once from our Marketplace and then you can use or edit, again and again.

Marketplace Content


Exercises, workouts and programmes.

Create your own or select exercises and workouts from our library and use them as a basis for your programmes. Include instructional videos or use the ones provided to share with your clients.

Create Fitness Packages


Recipes, meal plans and advice.

Add individual recipes, day-by-day, to your fitness package or include complete daily meal plans with their associated recipes. Nutritional articles help your clients understand the science behind apackage. Get creative and add short recipe videos to your package.

Create Fitness Packages


Inspiring education.

Articles can be inspiring, educational, motivational, infomative or even promotional and may include video and links. Choose when you should add your articles to your package so they are delivered at the right time to engage your clients and support their journey.

Create Fitness Packages


Motivational messages.

Create engaging client messages that contain anything from advice and motivational quotes to progress updates. Choose which day they should be delivered to your clients to help support them to achieve their goals.

Create Fitness Packages


The complete package.

It really is this easy to create a results-driven fitness packages for your clients. Create once and sell again and again.

Now convert your fitness package into a product you can sell by personalising it to appeal to your target audience. Simply select a relevant image, write a 'catchy' title and description, assign a price and sell in your own personalised GetPTfit online store, with all income paid directly to you.

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Sell your package...




Your questions answered.

Do I always have to include fitness, nutrition, articles and messages?

No, you can include as many or as few of these as you like - your fitness package could just include daily workouts and nothing else.

Can I include my own videos, exercises, recipes and articles?

Yes, you can add all of your own content. To include a video simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo embed link.

How many fitness packages can I create?

You can create as many packages as you like.

Can I use purchased Marketplace content within all my packages with all my clients?

Yes, purchase once and use again and again within all your packages.

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