Deliver Fitness Packages

Schedule automatic delivery.

Gone are the days of having to print off or email Word files and PDFs to your clients. Our easy to use admin tools allow you schedule the automatic daily deliver of your fitness packages into your clients' FREE personalised mobile app (iOS and Android) or online account - professional, seamless and saves you time.


Create Fitness Packages




Personalise your app.

GetPTfit allows your make your client app your own. Simply upload your logo or photo, choose a background image and a pick a colour scheme to personalise the appearance of your client mobile app and online account.

Personalisation App Store and Google Play Logos


Online client account.

Alternatively to using our mobile apps, your clients can view their purchased fitness packages through a personalised online account, accessed from any web browser on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.



Deliver adhoc content.

You've already created your fitness package. Your workouts, nutrition articles and messages are being automatically delivered daily to each of your clients, but, you'd like to send a quick message, recipe or article to your clients - it's easy! Simply select the content and who you'd like it to be delivered to and GetPTfit does the rest.



Your questions answered.

How many clients can I add?

You can add unlimited clients. We even make it easy for you to add clients with a simple ‘upload wizard’.

Is there a limit on the number of fitness packages I can deliver?

No, you can create, sell and deliver as many fitness packages as you like.

How is the mobile app and online account personalised?

Once your clients sign-in to their mobile app or online account, the professional background photograph you’ve selected to represent your package personalises their experience.

Some of my clients don’t have an iPhone, can they still receive my fitness package?

Yes, your clients have full access to your fitness package from within their personalised online account which is accessed through a web browser on any device.

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