Common questions.

What is a fitness package?

A fitness package is a complimentary selection of workouts, nutrition recipes, inspiring articles and motivational messages carefully selected, and delivered over a period of time, to achieve a desired result.

Why sell fitness packages?

Selling your time through sessions will only ever earn you a multiplication of the hours you work. By selling 'results-driven' packages your clients will pay for the result, not your time.

I’m happy selling my time, why is selling results better?

Achieving their goal is the reason your client is employing your expertise and therefore will understandably place more value on achieving their result than an hour of your time. Use this to your advantage and you can charge comparatively more selling results than you can selling time.

What is residual income?

Residual (or passive) income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. Residual income comes from building something that continues to pay you after the work has been completed, e.g., a fitness package.

Why deliver your fitness packages with GetPTfit?

We save you time. Create your packages once and we automatically deliver their contents for you, every day. Leaving you time to add even more value to your service and develop your client relationships.

I provide my client a personal service, why would I need fitness packages?

Packages compliment your personal service. They can provide a regular communication, educational and motivational delivery between sessions that enhances your personal service and helps your client achieve their goal.



Creating packages.

Do I always have to include fitness, nutrition, articles and messages?

No, you can include as many or as few of these as you like - your fitness package could just include daily workouts and nothing else.

Can I include my own videos, exercises, recipes and articles?

Yes, you can add all of your own content. To include a video simply paste the YouTube or Vimeo embed link.

How many fitness packages can I create?

You can create as many packages as you like.

Can I use purchased Marketplace content within all my packages with all my clients?

Yes, purchase once and use again and again within all your packages.



Selling packages.

Can I give a package away for free?

Yes, you set the selling price and that includes ‘free’. You can also set a limit to the number of packages available - a great way of giving away 10 packages for free or at a reduced ‘sale’ price.

Do you take a commission when I sell a package?

No, we don’t take any commission from your sales. Payment is made directly into your PayPal account and you receive the full sale price minus any deductions from PayPal.

Can I sell a package on my own website?

Yes, you can sell your packages wherever you like, even in person. You would then add the purchaser as a client in you GetPTfit account and simply use GetPTfit to deliver their package.

Can I sell other products and services too?

Yes, you can list and sell anything you like in your GetPTfit store, not just fitness packages.


Delivering packages.

How many clients can I add?

You can add unlimited clients. We even make it easy for you to add clients with a simple ‘upload wizard’.

Is there a limit on the number of fitness packages I can deliver?

No, you can create, sell and deliver as many fitness packages as you like.

How is the mobile app and online account personalised?

Once your clients sign-in to their mobile app or online account, the professional background photograph you’ve selected to represent your package personalises their experience.

Some of my clients don’t have an iPhone, can they still receive my fitness package?

Yes, your clients have full access to your fitness package from within their personalised online account which is accessed through a web browser on any device.


GetPTfit subscription.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, you pay monthly and can cancel anytime.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, it’s easy. Simply send a request cancellation email from within your dashboard.

Am I limited to the number of clients I can add?

No, you can add unlimited clients. You pay for a subscription to use GetPTfit, not for the number of clients you have.

How do I pay each month?

As part of the simple joining process an automatic monthly subscription payment is created within your PayPal account.

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