What is a fitness package?

A fitness package is a complimentary selection of workouts, nutrition recipes, inspiring articles and motivational messages carefully selected, and delivered over a period of time, to achieve a desired result.


Create Fitness Packages


Easily create amazing packages.

GetPTfit is simply the best way for FitPros to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of their client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.

Our members have access to easy-to-use admin tools, developed by experts in user experience and content management. Start by creating your own exercises, workouts, recipes, articles and messages or by downloading ready-to-use content from our free library. Then create a package by setting its duration and adding your content to each day.

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Sell Fitness Packages


Generate additional income.

Sell your fitness packages in your personalised online store and generate residual income long after your they were originally created. Clients pay you directly, and securely, through PayPal.

New and existing clients can create their own client accounts before purchasing, allowing you to promote your packages to a wide audience. GetPTfit also gives you the ability to list limited free promotional offers.

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Sell Fitness Packages
Deliver Fitness Packages


Schedule automatic daily delivery.

Gone are the days of having to print off or email Word files and PDFs to your clients. Simply select a start a date and schedule the automatic daily deliver of your fitness packages into your clients' FREE personalised mobile app (iOS and Android) or online account - professional, seamless and saves you time.

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It really is that simple.

The possibilities are endless; fat loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, pre-season training, pre/post-natal care, general wellness, sport event preparation to name just a few. Which fitness package will you create for your clients?


Your questions answered.

I’m happy selling my time, why is selling results better?

Achieving their goal is the reason your client is employing your expertise and therefore will understandably place more value on achieving their result than an hour of your time. Use this to your advantage and you can charge comparatively more selling results than you can selling time.

I provide my client a personal service, why would I need fitness packages?

Packages compliment your personal service. They can provide a regular communication, educational and motivational delivery between sessions that enhances your personal service and helps your client achieve their goal.

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