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In a world dominated by instant gratification and wants overpowering needs, it is more important than ever for people to slow down and find their inner calm.

You are offering your students age old, proven techniques to not only improve their outer strength but also to create their inner peace. New practitioners are not going to see results overnight and realistically need to practice for six to eight weeks to start their journey leading to life long benefits.

By creating starter packages you are increasing the success rate of your new students and will attract more new clients, hungry for similar transformations.

A typical fitness package consists of at home exercises and nutritional advice, including recipes, complimented by educational articles and regular motivational messages. You could even have specific packages which include one to one sessions with your instructors to talk through any personal goals or issues new clients have.

The starter package could include the first month’s classes to make sure that new students really do experience the both inner and outer progress that will leave them hungry to continue their journey.

Creating a ladder of packages to suit every level will encourage your practitioners to recognise and acknowledge the landmarks in their journey and motivate them to keep learning. Whether you charge in addition to monthly membership fees, include the membership fees or offer both is completely up to you. You could even include nutritional supplements and recommended equipment in the price.

Simply create once and sell over and over again.

Fitness Packages

Make a real difference.

With a fixed price, holistic package you will attract people who may be curious.

The child’s pose reminds us that we have been stretching our bodies without a label for a long time. However, for many people yoga, pilates and similar practices still feel out of reach. “I’m just not flexible enough” being the most common misconception resulting in a reluctance to commit in case they ‘fail’. Buying clearly defined packages these students can dispel the myths and, through sufficient regular practice, feel the real benefits without making an initial lifelong commitment. That’s not to say the commitment won’t follow, it most probably will.

Fitness Packages

More than just weekly practice.

What happens outside the studio is as important as inside.

When we give people the tools to help themselves they often surprise us. With carefully chosen educational articles you have the opportunity to help your student transform their mindset. Amongst other topics, gratitude, mindfulness and clearing will all compliment their practice and add value to their everyday lives. With motivational messages and regular reminders your students will feel like you are with them every step of their journey.

Fitness Packages

Attract new students.

By giving more than expected you will become a conversation point and there’s no better publicity.

Invariably you will lose some practitioners along the way but when you are selling complete packages which give clear and measurable results, there will be a queue of new students just waiting to sign up. A clearly marked start and completion date will encourage and motivate your tribe to achieve their goals and their successes will ensure your referrals increase exponentially.

Fitness Packages

Generate additional income.

Being paid by the class puts a ceiling on your potential earning.

There are only so many places in each class and a limited number of classes in the week. However, when you are giving your students so much more than instructor lead sessions, they can be reasonably expected to pay more and still get exceptional value for money. Selling packages also prevents the inevitable unpredictability of pay as you go classes. Paying up front ensures that your instructors’ fees are covered regardless of numbers in the class. It is also a very big motivator for your students to show up.

Fitness Packages

Add value to your services.

Make sure everyone can feel the value.

It can be difficult to explain why it is essential for you to charge monthly or termly, especially when individuals know in advance that they can not attend certain sessions. By charging, not for the classes, but for the entire package this awkward conversation is avoided. Even if they can’t attend sessions your students will still be receiving regular messages, articles and support. You could even include a video of the session they missed. All the content is available for a week after the course is completed, leaving your tribe hungry to start the next phase of their lifelong journey.

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