Attract new members with specific, short term fitness packages.


The flood of no contract and pay as you go gyms is allowing members who do not want to commit to 12 months contracts more options. However, what if you could offer potential members shorter, fixed term contracts with results that would guarantee they would keep coming back for more?

Perhaps it’s time you created your package ladder for everyone from absolute beginners to the seasoned pros. Self motivation and participation will be at an all time high as members strive to reach the next level.

A typical fitness package consists of exercise and nutritional programs with recipes, complimented by educational articles and regular motivational messages. Add more value into your packages by including nutritional supplements or recommended equipment. You could even have specific packages which include one to one sessions with your gym trainers.

Member’s challenge packages may potentially including charity fundraising as an aspect. This will not only bring together your members but also raise your profile within the larger community.

Whether you charge in addition to monthly membership fees, include the membership fees or offer both is completely up to you.

Simply create once and sell over and over again.

Fitness Packages

Make a real difference.

With so many members coming and going it’s hard to keep pushing them forward.

It’s frustrating watching members coming in working hard day after day and seeing minimal change. Knowing that the health choices they are making the other 23 hours a day are hindering their progress is tough but there isn’t the time to go through this with every member individually. By creating complete packages with a holistic approach you can make a real and lasting difference to your members’ lives. Educating them on essential issues such as diet, motivation and habit forming behaviours will keep your members focused on their goals and help them achieve. After all, your success relies on their success.

Fitness Packages

Generate additional income.

Instead of more members, sell more services to your existing members.

You probably already know who wants more. For a variety of reasons they may not want one to one sessions but need regular guidance and support. By selling these members results driven, targeted packages you can increase your income and your reputation for getting results. You create each package once to sell again and again. You could even create different levels to get your members competitive juices flowing.

Fitness Packages

Attract the commitment-phobes.

Through fixed term results guaranteed packages, you can reach a whole new population of potential clients.

It is well documented that on average only 20% of gym memberships are used regularly, which is a relief as most gyms have on around ten times more members than space. However, from a new member’s perspective there is the fear of commitment. Through a short term fixed price package, including full use of the facilities, new members will get to experience your gym without the 12 month pledge. With effective content, seeing results in the short term will guarantee them heading back ready to continue their fitness journey with you.

Fitness Packages

Work with those around you.

FitPros tend to work in their alone field but collaborations can be beneficial to everyone.

Take your local hockey, rugby, tennis, netball or football clubs for example. What if you could offer their members a short term, fixed rate, out of season or preseason package? Using our vast library of resources or working with their coaches to create the content and sold with the use of your facilities, it’s a win win all round.

Fitness Packages

Save yourself time.

We have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading FitPros to write content so you don’t have to.

Whether you use the free library or pay for specialist bundles, creating your packages from our resources couldn’t be easier. Simply start with your fitness plan then add what additional content you would like to be delivered each day. Done! Each package can then be reused as is or edited multiple times.

Discover how it works.

GetPTfit is simply the best way for your gym to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of your client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.

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