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How a FitPro can create S.M.A.R.T client fitness packages that bring success

How to create SMART packages

With an internet full of packages available being S.M.A.R.T will make you stand out from the crowd.


If you have already read Find your Niche you will by now understand the importance of becoming an expert in your chosen area of expertise.  Now it’s time to create your blueprint for success.


Explain exactly what you are offering up front

Knowing who your potential clients are is of paramount importance.  Your packages need to be Specific.  Not simply weight loss, one size fits all.  Your clients need to feel that you know what their obstacles are and you are going to help them overcome them.  Firmer and Fitter for Working Mums Over 30 may well decrease your target audience but it will also, crucially, increase your uptake from that group.  From a marketing perspective, being specific will also give you a very clear route to reach your audience.


Keep it real

Results driven packages will engage and motivate your clients but make sure those results are both Measurable and Attainable.  The 6 week Abs program is not going to fool your average couch potato and if it does, there will be a lot of negative feedback to follow when even after following your plan religiously for the full 42 days they still look less David Beckham, more David Brent! Be honest if you expect your clients to have the beginnings of a 4 pack before they start define your package as The Final Hurdle for that 6 Pack Perfection.  It is also crucial not to offer unattainable weight loss.  weight loss is affected by so many factors, not least starting weight, muscle mass and genetics.  Gaining muscle definition, losing inches or dropping a dress size are more attainable outcomes.


Do your research

You know your target audience, but do you know what they really want?  Have you asked them?  It is naive to assume that all women want to lose weight and all men want a six pack and everyone will be happy.  Make sure that the outcome you are promising is actually relevant to your clients’ needs. A competitive athlete may want a yoga package that will complement their training, helping with flexibility and balance and improve their sleep.  A stay home mum may want to feel like they are doing something for themselves, whilst boosting their energy levels to help chase their little ones around the park.


Not too long, not too short

Finally setting a start and completion date ensures that your program is time based.  The little known, scientific proven, Zeigarnik Effect describes the unsettled feeling we have when we have started a task and not finished it.  Our brains crave that successful completion.  Think about your target audience and realistically how long will they stay motivated, balanced with the length of time they will need to see some actual measurable results and set your time frame.


Now you are ready to pull together the exercise and nutritional programs, educational articles and those essential motivational messages to create your very own S.M.A.R.T fitness package.


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