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How a FitPro can use technology to enhance their client services

Use technology to enhance your services

Everything you need to engage and motivate your clients in one place.


Put down your phone, or not.

At some point we have all looked across to someone in the gym, or worse in a class and wanted to yell ‘Put down the phone!’.  Being present mentally is as important to any workout as being physically present.  However, texting, making calls and even posting selfies has become the norm in fitness centres.  What if you replaced this distraction with a productive use of technology to follow programs, record workouts and watch videos to ensure lifts are safe and form is correct?


Personalised service

GetPTfit allows you to offer a personalised service, even when selling the same content multiple times.  The online  and mobile app visuals can be chosen to suit the inpidual or package and this is replicated in messages and emails they receive.  

For non package clients you can choose from over a hundred background images to ensure that the look and feel of your delivery is completely in tune with your clients’ interests and goals.  All emails are addressed to their recipient to make sure your client feels valued.


Everything together.

You already use multiple platforms to deliver your workouts and information to your clients.  You probably use YouTube to show them video clips, mail chimp and Leads.  You may even have a FaceBook support page.  GetPTfit is not working against these platforms but bringing them all together to one easily accessible place.  You can add links to YouTube videos to your workouts, nutritional content and articles, set up automated messages and emails and even add links to Facebook support pages through your articles and webpages.  The essential element here is that everything is coming from one central place so your clients know exactly where to find everything they need for success.  


Own your content

Giving out PDFs, videos and even printed worksheets makes it very difficult for you to keep a track of who has access to your training programs.  Human nature is to share and before you know it a couple of dozen people are gaining access to your plans and resources.  Potential fee paying clients, getting it for free.  We can’t promise your clients won’t show their friends and family their app, in fact you probably want them to show it off to increase referrals, but they can not share your hard work.  All their plans are delivered daily and only accessible till the end of your course.  At that point, if they want to continue with their health and fitness journey, they will need to buy the next package and keep moving forward.


Streamline your professional FitPro business by gaining control of what your clients receive and when.  With a beautifully designed, personalised app or online account your clients will feel that are in good hands.


Watch the video below to find out how GetPTfit can help you unlock your full earning potential. 


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GetPTfit is simply the best way for FitPros to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of their client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.

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GetPTfit is simply the best way for you to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of your client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.