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Personal Trainer

You became a personal trainer because you wanted to help people but being paid by the hour puts a definitive limit on your earnings. You can’t simply ask for more, you need to offer more.

Perhaps it’s time you started creating a residual income, getting paid for work you have already done? Selling results driven fitness packages online will dramatically expand your source of income, bringing in more money without increasing your existing working hours.

A typical fitness package consists of exercise and nutritional programs with recipes, complimented by educational articles and regular motivational messages. Keep your training personal by including one-to-one sessions, classes or even nutritional supplements and recommended equipment.

The possibilities are endless; fat loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, pre-season training, pre/post-natal care, sport event preparation to name just a few.

Simply create once and sell over and over again.

Fitness Packages

Make a real difference.

We doubt anyone came into personal training with the ambition of becoming a rep counter!

By creating complete packages with a holistic approach you have the ability to achieve your goal and make a real and lasting difference to your clients’ lives. Tackling essential issues such as diet, motivation and habit forming behaviours will not only complement but actually enhance the physical program you lead. Having all the information they need delivered directly will not only keep them motivated, but your clients will know that you are with them for every step of their journey.

Fitness Packages

Attract new clients.

Through results guaranteed packages, you can reach a whole new population of potential clients.

A PT client relationship should be a relatively short term one. By teaching your clients about health and wellness you are making them self sufficient. However, this cycle leaves you constantly looking for new clients. By reaching out with very specific, goal orientated, fixed price packages with a clear start and completion date will appeal to people who may not be confident in the fitness environment.

Fitness Packages

Generate additional income.

Develop online relationships through remote training.

Not every client wants, or can schedule one to one sessions. Through the personalisation of your generic packages you really can offer a bespoke service to multiple clients with minimal time expense. This remote training will also widen the area of potential clients, removing location barriers. Phone calls and even Skype sessions will ensure your client still feels emotionally committed to their program.

Fitness Packages

Decrease your hours.

Work to suit your schedule not everyone else’s. Create your packages once to sell again and again.

There are only so many hours in a day and this is never more critical than when you are being paid hourly. When creating online packages you can work at a time and location convenient to you. Your clients are no longer paying you by the hour but for everything they need to achieve their goals. Including their one to one sessions will not simply increase the value of your services , but also set you apart from the anonymous plethora of computer generated health and fitness apps and programs. A genuine client, PT relationship but better.

Fitness Packages

Save yourself time.

We have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading FitPros to write content so you don’t have to.

Whether you use the free library or pay for specialist bundles, creating your packages from our resources couldn’t be easier. You don’t have to be an expert in every field or spend hours researching an individual client’s special requirements on the internet. Simply start with your fitness plan then add what additional content you would like to be delivered each day. Done! Each package can then be reused as is or edited multiple times.

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GetPTfit is simply the best way for personal trainers to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of their client fitness packages, transformations and challenges.

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