Sell Fitness Packages

Sell securely.

Sell your fitness packages to new and existing clients directly from your own personalised online store or from within your client's mobile app. We've integrated PayPal because it's simple to use and secure.


Your personalised online store.

Create your own unique GetPTfit online store - add your business logo or profile photo, choose the background image, include your contact details, business information and experience. Now you're ready to list your fitness packages and products.

New and existing clients can create their own client accounts before purchasing, allowing you to promote your packages to a wide audience.

Sell Fitness Packages


Your in-app store.

Use your captive audience to sell other packages, products and services to all your existing clients from within their mobile app.

Sell Fitness Packages


Your clients pay you directly.

Receive payments directly from every sale by simply integrating your PayPal account into GetPTfit. We don't take a commission and you control every sale.



Limit supply and create demand.

We've included tools which enable you to give away a number of packages for free or at a reduced price, even cap sales of a package. Be creative with your marketing and you'll create a healthy demand for your business.


Already sell fitness packages?

If you already sell fitness packages, either through your website or collecting payment in person, there is no reason why you can't use GetPTfit to seamlessly automate the delivery your package content to your clients.

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Your questions answered.

Can I give a package away for free?

Yes, you set the selling price and that includes ‘free’. You can also set a limit to the number of packages available - a great way of giving away 10 packages for free or at a reduced ‘sale’ price.

Do you take a commission when I sell a package?

No, we don’t take any commission from your sales. Payment is made directly into your PayPal account and you receive the full sale price minus any deductions from PayPal.

Can I sell a package on my own website?

Yes, you can sell your packages wherever you like, even in person. You would then add the purchaser as a client in you GetPTfit account and simply use GetPTfit to deliver their package.

Can I sell other products and services too?

Yes, you can list and sell anything you like in your GetPTfit store, not just fitness packages.

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