Change the ‘off season’ rule.

Sports Coach

Coaching sports teams is a very rewarding job, but lets be honest we’re all in it to win it.

Perhaps it’s time you took a more consistent approach with your teams both in and out of season and provided them with all the information they need to train hard, recover quickly and get better results. By creating complete fitness packages you can ensure every team member is right on track.

A typical fitness package consists of fitness programs and nutritional advice with recipes, complimented by educational articles and regular motivational messages. Packages can work along side your regular training or can be used to ensure fitness is maintained and skills honed out of season.

Whether the club invests in GetPTfit for all teams at all levels or as a coach you open a personal account and sell your programs is completely up to you.

Fitness Packages

Make a real difference to your team’s performance.

Educate your team members and watch them thrive.

When we give people the tools to help themselves they often surprise us. Tackling essential issues such as diet, motivation and habit forming behaviours will not only complement but actually enhance the coaching sessions you run. Having all the information they need delivered directly, will keep your team focused on their goals and help them make healthy choices between sessions.

Fitness Packages

Attract new members.

By giving more than expected you will become a conversation point and there’s no better publicity.

Invariably you will lose some team members along the way but when you are doing things differently, providing more support from your squad and getting better results, there will be a queue of new members just waiting to sign up. Ask yourself who else does that? Amongst your competitors who provides regular nutritional, motivational and fitness advice? Which coach would you want to lead you to success?

Fitness Packages

Generate additional income.

As an independent coach there is the opportunity to use GetPTfit to supplement your earnings.

If you choose to set up a personal account you can create packages that complement your training which team members may opt to purchase from you directly. These could be based around strength and conditioning, specific skills or general wellness. Getting pre-season fit is essential for all teams members, whatever the sport. By creating a program specific to your area of expertise you can not only sell it to your teams but anyone through your own personalised GetPTfit e-commerce store and you receive 100% of every sale.

Fitness Packages

Save yourself time.

We have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading FitPros to write content so you don’t have to.

You are free to add as much of your own content as you choose, our easy to use software allows you to quickly design your very own programs. However, coaches with less available time can use the free library or pay for specialist bundles, and creating your packages from our resources couldn’t be easier. Simply start with your fitness plan then add what additional content you would like to be delivered each day. Done! Each package can then be reused as is or edited multiple times

Fitness Packages

Discover how it works.

GetPTfit is simply the best way for sports coaches to easily create, sell and schedule the automatic daily delivery of their team fitness training packages.

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